F*ck Your Sensitivity

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F*ck Your Sensitivity
Style: Crew neck tee
Color: Black
Fabric: 4.3 oz. 60% Cotton/40% Poly (Blend)
Cut: Slightly fitted...please see size chart before purchasing

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    This should be my work uniform...

    Posted by Dave on 11 30 2016

    My job fucks me over worse than the military ever did, and that's saying something. And anytime I call my boss out on his shit he gives me an attitude and threatens to demote me. I should rip him a new one while wearing this and tell him to replace the tampon in his mangina.

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    Awesome Tee

    Posted by Timothy on 11 20 2016

    Love it , I live in Nor cal . Enough said .

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    Bad Ass Shirt

    Posted by John Fisher on 11 19 2016

    This shirt is very comfortable and fits great. My Christmas list will definitely include Article 15 clothing ! Semper Fi

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    Another Dangerous Shirt

    Posted by James on 11 14 2016

    This shirt is dangerous. When I put it on and went outside the first time, bacon rained down on me. Strange women were throwing their panties at me. Water was replaced by beer in our company water-cooler. Be very careful wearing this awesome shirt, it's like axe body spray in a hippie commune. Great shirt, good fit and keeps its color and design well after several washings.

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    f*ck your sensitivity t-shirt

    Posted by Raymond on 11 6 2016

    great fitting well made shirt

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    Posted by Katie on 11 1 2016

    I loved the shirt, however I love the looks I get from people even more. I mainly bought the shirt because my professor was talking about some recent news events and said that people needed to be more sensitive to others feelings. His reaction was by far the best one.

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    special sensitivity

    Posted by Webb on 10 26 2016

    this shirt is why i like art-15

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    All sorts of comfortable

    Posted by Vahe A. on 10 14 2016

    From the great fit to the reassurance that when you put this shirt on you know all is well because fuck hippies and libitards

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    When You Give Zero Fucks

    Posted by Kane Kwatowski on 09 13 2016

    Wicked comfortable! One of my favorite shirts, and I love the expressions I get from the super liberal PC students at the University I attend!